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Gazelle Race Timing uses the latest in technology to ensure your race is timed accurately and results are compiled expediently while providing a cost competitive rate.  We have timed hundreds of races and understand that you not only want to ensure accurate, timely results but also want to keep timing costs to a minimum so you can keep as much funds as possible for your cause.

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Here are results from some of the races that we have timed.  We look forward to adding your race results here.


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Since 1993

Why Gazelle Race Timing

  1. High-performance chips that can read at speeds up to 200mph.
  2. Live results transmitted to television screens (weather permitting)
  3. Online / Race Day registration on Kiosks, iPhones, Android, and more.
  4. Live text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and Web updates.
  5. Highest accuracy in the world with chip times recorded to 1,000th/second.
  6. Antennas that can be placed overhead or to the side of the course.
  7. The right equipment coupled with experienced runners to ensure your event is a success!



Gazelle Race Timing

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Contact us to get an estimate for your upcoming race.  We can be reached at 607-760-8431